sweet potato

I write to you, awesome readers, chefs, and health nuts, after having just eaten ate a very delicious dinner. Lately I have really been focusing on not overeating at night (and in general, but especially at night) because it makes it harder for me to sleep afterwards and slows down my digestion the next day. [...]

Pacific Northwest Shepard’s Pie {Gluten & Dairy Free}

I have been out of the country for about two and a half weeks now. Since I left, a major hurricane followed by a major Nor'easter hit the East Coast. Recreational marijuana use is now legal in two states. Marriage is increasingly becoming recognized (on varying levels) as a union between two people, regardless of [...]

Kale and Coconut Chicken Soup with Polenta Medallions

I don't eat like a vegan. But for the past two weeks, I've been cooking like one. I am relaunching The Shift Program in a week with the option for a vegan meal plan - but I am not vegan. I can do wonders without dairy, so that hasn't been a problem. But what makes me [...]

Sweet, Beet, & Pesto Puree

Today, my inspirational strategy that I offer you is to let go of your agenda. I am a yoga instructor. Therefore, by default, I should be comfortable with going with the flow, taking whatever I am dealt, riding the wave of life, so to speak. The truth is, I have control issues. I want to [...]

Let Go Of Your Agenda

Okay. So this stoplight has no stop-light.... only "go" and "slow".  Nothing wrong with that, when it comes to good food! Here are two delicious soups that you can make all under an hour, both with a delicious hint of garlic scape.  We made them during The Shift Cleanse to help heal our digestive tracts, satisfy [...]

Stoplight Pureed Soups with Garlic Scapes

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