Today, I am inspired to write about food and human connection - because these are quite possibly the two coolest parts of being alive. Right now, I am sitting in a cafe. It's the Tao Organic Cafe in Minneapolis. This place is incredible. If you have any food conscious, come here - hemp lattes, kale [...]

#Shift Yam, Beet, Fig & Basil Puree

I don't eat like a vegan. But for the past two weeks, I've been cooking like one. I am relaunching The Shift Program in a week with the option for a vegan meal plan - but I am not vegan. I can do wonders without dairy, so that hasn't been a problem. But what makes me [...]

Sweet, Beet, & Pesto Puree

Today, my inspirational strategy that I offer you is to let go of your agenda. I am a yoga instructor. Therefore, by default, I should be comfortable with going with the flow, taking whatever I am dealt, riding the wave of life, so to speak. The truth is, I have control issues. I want to [...]

Let Go Of Your Agenda

Okay. So this stoplight has no stop-light.... only "go" and "slow".  Nothing wrong with that, when it comes to good food! Here are two delicious soups that you can make all under an hour, both with a delicious hint of garlic scape.  We made them during The Shift Cleanse to help heal our digestive tracts, satisfy [...]

Stoplight Pureed Soups with Garlic Scapes

This smoothie certainly has potential to be a little earthy with the beet and the broccoli, the watermelon, mango and honey does a good job of taking care of that! Broccoli is a great source of vitamin C and vitamin K. The main areas of focus for broccoli are its impact on oxidative stress, detoxification and [...]


Watermelon+Mango+Broccoli+Beet Smoothie

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